Reverse Osmosis Systems

New Systems:

We have engineered and designed a new series of RO systems that are available for sale or lease. The system design flow rates are 18 to 45 gpm. We are using 2 membrane 400 psig rated 8″ housings. These are staged in series 1:1, 1:1:1, 1:1:1:1 or 2:1:1. The pump can be 3 phase or 1 phase depending upon available electrical requirements. Below is the system description of the TWRO series reverse osmosis systems.

TWRO Description:

This is a new 35 GPM RO unit that is installed and operating at our facility as of the first of February. It has a 15 HP 3 phase pump, four (4) CodeLine pressure vessels that are configured in a 1:1:1:1 array. Each vessel holds two (2) 8″X40″ elements. The unit is complete with permeate and reject flow meters, a pressure gauge and test-port between each stage to monitor the performance of each vessel. It has a common permeate conductivity monitor and GFI 120 v receptacle to power accessories such as a pH controller and or antiscalant pump. The controller is a programmable logic controller that provides an output for a booster pump if used, will control to a tank level switch, provides low feed pressure shut down and alarm condition to protect the pump, and pretreatment interlock to place the unit into standby during pretreatment backwash. The PLC is equipped with an hour meter that records the run time for the pump and a timed flush that will flow water through the unit for 1 minute every 59 minutes during times of low demand (extended tank full condition). The dimensions are: Length 130″, Width 32″, Height 53″.