Bulk DI Water

RO Water Resources, LLC offers 150,000 gallon storage capacity with 30,000 gallon cone bottom tank and twin flat bottom PVDF lined 30,000 gallon tanks.  We have a total of ten  storage tanks in our process.

  •  We can pump DI water and fill a 5500 gallon trailer in 45 minutes
  • We can meter any volume of DI water to any trailer, tank, and tote.
  • All DI water is passed through ultraviolet light and final filtration
  • We have a polishing mixed bed to meet high purity ultrapure water requests as special projects.
  • We have three conductivity/Resistivity instruments to measure the quality of our water prior to loading on the filling station prior to loading and throughout the facility.
  • We provide a detailed bill of landing for a new customer.  This document is sent out with every load for tracking purposes.
  • We provide a certificate of analysis with each load of DI water leaving this plant.



Certificate of Analysis