Oil & Chemical Tanking


RO Water Resources has the experience to deliver DI water via stainless pressurized trailers to any port in the Houston area. We have managed up to five trailers on any one vessel often pumping into multiple tanks on a ship. We have experience cleaning stainless steel vessels and piping prior to loading and or blending high purity chemicals or special batches. Our operation is managed to provide service 24/7 to start a job and to complete in 24 hours or less.

We can bring dedicated pumps and hoses to any project to off load DI water or we can use nitrogen available on site.

• We have a fleet of trailers that can be staged and dedicated to a project until the ship makes final preparations for off loading.
• We can sequence drivers in order to off load 5500 gallons every two to three hours.
• We can add additional drivers and off load two trucks at a time at a dock.
• Our plant is operational 24/7